This is a recipe for a traditional chicken noodle soup. I am always making this soup when I or anyone in my family feels under the weather. It is a known cold and flu remedy. There is just something so comforting about warm hearty serving of chicken soup, just like a hug in a bowl. With this soothing, cozy soup you are guaranteed to feel better in no time. Just salt the water to your taste, boil it, put peeled chopped fried with olive oil vegetables you prefer, fresh cooked breast or its leftover and enjoy the flavor. It tastes great and flavors are fantastic! If you use ingredients directly from the fridge the meal is more healthy. Use diced celery, shredded carrots, garlic, bunch of some seasoning. Cooking becomes easy and you get rich salty broth.

Needles to say this homemade soup is a huge hit with kids. If your kids do not like soup and refuse to try it, this classic recipe is the perfect solution for the whole family. After tasting this amazing chicken noodle soup everyone will understand that it is their favorite.

It is also a delicious lunch option or a quick weekday meal that is filling and satisfying. This recipe is simplified by using store bought chicken stock instead of making you own homemade broth. If you have a homemade stock on hand you can absolutely use it it will taste even better!

I also prefer to use boneless skinless chicken thigh meat instead of lean chicken breast. It has way more flavor, richer chicken taste and more tender texture. Add shredded salty cheese and peeled dried nuts on the top, vary optional ingredients as desired!

Carrots, celery, onions and garlic are all basic vegetables that serve as an aromatic foundation of the soup. Fragrant herbs like parsley and bay leaf add a hint of floral freshness. I also love egg noodles in this recipe. They are richer in both taste and texture then your regular noodles. With eggy, buttery flavor they are a perfect compliment to savory chicken meat.

And what I love the most is that how easy this recipe is and how quickly it comes together. Without any complicated prep and just 30 minutes from start to finish, you have a nutritious flavorful homemade chicken noodle soup in your bowl.