You will never go back to a canned soup with this amazing cream of chicken soup that is also gluten free and can be made dairy free. It is very easy to make and it comes together in a short 20 minutes.

With just a handful of basic ingredients you get made from scratch chicken soup that can be used in any of your meal prep. It is so much better and healthier than the canned soup and a breeze to make.

Just under 25 minutes you will have a hearty tasty soup without any additives or preservatives that you can enjoy guilt free. Canned soups like cream of chicken soup and other are also very high in sodium. Choose good food! So by cooking it at home you can control the amounts of salt that goes in it.

This soup is made with shredded chicken, chicken broth and seasonings all cooked in milk (or alternative like almond milk). Soup is thickened with gluten free flour like Pillsbury that you can find ion any grocery store. I also use rotisserie chicken as a quick shortcut but you can poach a couple of chicken breasts and shredd them as well.

Cream of chicken soup is commonly used as a base for various sauces or chicken or rice casserole dishes. This recipe is a definition for a comfort soup that has creamy smooth delicate texture and irresistible savory taste.

Follow the steps to make GF cream of chicken soup.