Flavorful chicken stock made in a breezy time with a convenience of a pressure cooker. Homemade chicken stock is an enhancer to so many dishes and is much better than the store bought one. It is delicious, low in sodium and has no preservatives. You can use  it for your meal prep or enjoy on its own.

The best part is that instant pot saves you so much time when you make the stock in it. No need to heat the whole kitchen up while simmering the broth on the stove for hours. It cooks in a short 40 minutes and there is absolutely no sacrifices in flavor.

It is as easy as just placing everything  in the pot, turn it on and walk away. No need  to do the manual pressure release. This basically means that you can just forget about your Instant Pot chicken stock until you are ready to deal with it.

You can really use any parts of chicken to make the stock but the raw bones are the best. Raw chicken carcass makes the most flavorful broth, and you can add a couple of the chicken legs to turn it into a jello when it cools down. You can also use a carcass from a cooked chicken but the stock will be on a lighter side. I also always peel the vegetables used in a stock and chop them in quarters.

Follow the steps below below to make chicken stock in an in start pot.