There are a lot of recipes for potato soup, but this one is the best. If you like me and love cook soups dor dinner, you will greatly enjoy this easy potato soup recipe. This simple recipe is for crockpot – slow cooker. The extra water is evaporated and potatoes keep flavor and desired consistency without turning into mash.

This slow cooker potato soup is an ultimate comfort food. Сrockpot potato soup has an undeniable soul-warming effect as soon as you taste it. Pour the ladle of chicken broth into bowl, chop onions and put grated garlic if you need something biting. Drop chunks of green onion. Look at your cooked meal – just like a warm hug in a bowl.

And since I am making it in my slow cooker it is incredibly easy to make. But don’t let this ridiculously simple recipe for potato soup fool you. Easy crockpot potato soup is absolutely full of flavors, it is creamy and cheesy and just simply mouthwatering.

I start my recipe with cooking my onions and garlic in bacon. Salty smoky bacon and earthy potatoes are a perfect pairing in this soup. Nothing better for slow cooker recipes than a classic combination of savory and starchy.

Potatoes also soak in all the buttery and aromatic bacon drippings to really enhance the flavor of the soup.

I always use Russet (or Idaho) potatoes in this soup. They are a great choice for the soup with fluffy snowy flesh when cooked. They have pleasantly bland flavor that carries out the flavors of my other ingredients like bacon, onion, garlic and cheese beautifully.

This soup is luxuriously rich, creamy and cheesy. I use both milk and cream just to amp up the flavors. Cheddar cheese adds a nice sharp bite and needless to say it melts wonderfully.

I personally use a potato masher not the hand blender in this crockpot potato soup recipe. This way I can control the texture of the soup. I like it somewhat chunky and not perfectly smooth. I also love to top it with bites of crispy bacon, some extra shredded cheese and fresh green scallions for a vibrant pop of color.

Just few simple steps in a reasonable amount of time and this slow cooker recipe delivers a fantastic potato soup, that no one can resist!