I am a huge lover of homemade soup but I am also not a big enthusiast when it comes to recipe of dinner with complicated prep and extensive clean up afterwards. This recipe is mouthwateringly tasty, and certainly very easy to cook and get aromatics and flavors. Those two are great reasons for families to love this slow cooker perfect Italian meatball soup for delicious homemade dinner even more. Besides it’s certainly the individual choice of vegetables and batch of veggies and also the choice between fresh or frozen pasta, put parsley into servings or during the cooking into the broth.

If you have plenty of time on your hands you can make homemade meatballs from scratch to make this soup extra special. If you are busy and pressed for time resort to premade and fully cooked Italian meatballs like in this quick recipe, which will become your favorite. You can find precooked meatballs for the soup in the freezer section at your nearest grocery store. I prefer this simple option.

So no more dirty meatball-making hands and dishes to worry about. Plus no need to worry about the meatballs cooking all the way through.

This soup is also as light and nutritious as it is comforting. I love to splurge on a rich creamy bisque on occasions but I try to eat overall healthy and balanced. This soup is a great everyday meal that can be enjoyed absolutely guilt free. It is filling and hearty so you will definitely not feel deprived.

Vegetables and meatballs are slowly cooked in light savory tomato broth for hours melding all the flavors together. Red wine adds a refreshing accent of acidic and sweet flavors to the broth. I add ditalini which is a small tube like shaped pasta. Pasta and meatballs go hand in hand together even in the soup.

So if you are looking for a delicious and easy Italian inspired soup I highly recommend this recipe.