With Thanksgiving just around the corner this roasted butternut squash soup is just what you have been looking for. This soup is a quintessential autumn flavor. Delicious to say the least, luxuriously creamy with silky smooth texture you wouldn’t believe there is no actual cream in it. Squash is major ingredient, it means this soup will never be heavy. Tastes great even heated next day

This soup will be a mouthwatering addition to your festive holiday table! The vibrant orange yellow color is very aesthetically pleasing and just screams fall. You can also enjoy it through all the upcoming winter months as a comforting warm meal. Pair it with your favorite salad or sandwich for a flavorful nutritious lunch.

I do prefer to keep my soup ingredients pretty simple and let the roasted butternut flavor shine through. Squash, shallots, oil, butter and spices are the 5 reasons to love this soup even more! But don’t be fool by the short ingredient list. This soup is yummy. Butternut squash soup recipe is absolute perfect for holiday relax with all family. It has completely light and extra warming broth so it is one of my most favorite. You can use canned or mashed tomato. Peel the squash, carefully chop garlic, shallot, pepper and in blender then put them in hot pot roasted with olive oil. Or you can use them grilled, it is optional. While they are roasting boil beans and remaining ingredients in big pot. Its better if potatoes are freshly picked from recent yields, but other batches are also ok. You will have great easy made vegan meal. Cooking is simple! It is one of the best homecooked vegetable soups with beautiful nutmeg flavor.

Butternut squash is an ultimate fall vegetable, with its exceptionally nutty, earthy, sweet flavor.

It becomes beautifully caramelized when roasted and that is where most of the soup’s flavor comes from. I also love roasting it first so there is no need to chop and slice. Just scoop out the colorful aromatic flesh with the spoon straight into your soup.

Nutmeg is a great compliment to the soup. With it’s distinct fragrance and warm slightly sweet flavor it paires wonderfully with the sweetness of caramelized roasted butternut. Just a touch really deepens the earthy flavor of squash.

There is two ways to blend the soup into velvety luscious concoction. You can use a high speed blender-a preferred method. Or an immersion blender. High speed blender works a little better by braking down the fibers into a perfectly creamy, smooth consistency. Immersion blender works good as well but might leave the soup with slightly gritty texture. Which still tastes amazing so don’t worry if you can’t make your soup in a high performance blender.

With a few simple steps and ingredients this recipe delivers a fantastic, colorful and appetizing fall soup that will please anybody’s pallet! I love it so much I keep making all winter long while butternut squash is in season.