This cozy Chinese soup with shrimp or other seafood, mushrooms and ginger is my new obsession. I love Asian inspired soups with all the fragrant, potent flavors and tastes that you can make in a breezy time in a comfort of your own home. So save yourself a trip to Chinese restaurant and make it yourself. Because a lot of the times simple is just better.

Feel chinese serving this refreshing and light soup in an hour of taste of travelling and tasting the new dish. Feel all its ingredients: sesame, shrimp, thinly chopped fish, dried coriander, canned peeled prawns, teaspoon of anise, sliced onions or grated scallions – whatever you will simmer and boil in your saucepan in fresh water and a drop of oil be sure you’ll get the best flavours.

Blending all the major flavor categories of sweet, sour, savory and spicy in one pot makes for one unbelievably inspiring bowl of soup. Filled with carb comforting Chinese noodles and succulent shrimp this is a truly irresistible dish. Taking simple shortcuts like using a store-bought chicken or vegetable stock and infusing it with different sauces, spices and juices really makes preparing this soup a painless and enjoyable experience. It is really that easy and quick.

 The end result is rich, flavorful broth that tastes like you have spent hours at the hot stove.

Lime juice adds a delicate sour taste with citrusy notes while low sodium soy sauce brings in salty taste balancing out the flavors. Red chilly flakes give a nice spicy kick with every spoonful of this delicious goodness. And brown sugar rounds up this flavor extravaganza with light sweet touch. Bok choy brings in an unbeatable freshness and wonderful crunch. And of corse let’s not forget the noodles. Comforting, filling and satisfying, very rich in complex carbs Chinese noodles are simply delicious.

This soup is a great busy work week lunch or dinner. Just under 20 minutes you can have complete nutritious meal on your table with minimal effort. Only short list of basic, affordable ingredients and this soup will rival any Chinese take out without tons of calories and added sodium. You can make it with any of your favorite vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, snap peas and the list can go on. They all are great compliments to hearty noodles and plump tasty shrimp.