This Korean cuisine favorite is a staple comfort soup. It requires little work and is perfect if you feel a little tired and weak and in extra need of something re-energizing. Start your dinner with these absolutely perfect combination of ingredients if the filling is your preference in the dishes. I swear you will drain your plate in a minute.The flavor of this radish soup is very delicate and nourishing. It is just a combination of luxurious beef broth and bright taste of daikon radish. The sweetness and light flavor of the radish really cuts the richness of the meat stock making a perfect balance of complex flavors. It is not heavy despite of pork broth. Just make the water simmer, then remove the foam with the particles of fat and glair from the surface.

Garlic and sesame oil are complimentary background flavors that pair great with beef and daikon. You can also add ginger as an option for a more soothing effect. It really helps with upset stomach, sore throat and runny nose. This Korean daikon soup is an ultimate hug in a bowl.

Fresh daikon is the essential ingredient of this Korean soup recipe, but it could be easily replaced with carrots. The daikon radish looks like a white carrot. And you can get it in produce section in most grocery stores.

It’s a root vegetable, but instead of having a potent, peppery taste, it’s sweet, crisp and mild. It works wonders when paired with boneless short ribs. The result is delicious soup that has a wonderful clear and light broth and delicious flavor. This daikon soup is a nice alternative to heavy, hearty winter stews recipes.

Making this soup is super easy. You only need a handful of ingredients and a little bit of time. Start by boiling the short ribs in water for about 45 minutes until the meat is fork tender. Sauté cut daikon radish for soup in oil and add to the aromatic broth – that’s how to cut the richness of the soup. Coat the bite size pieces of meat with chopped garlic, sesame oil and seeds, and Korean soy sauce and add to the broth as well. Cook for another 15 minutes to develop all the flavors. Serve with chopped green onions and fresh pepper.

Expand your soup horizons and try this mouthwatering, soothing Korean offering for a comforting meal!