If you are a lover for a delicious comforting bean soup that doesn’t take hours to make, this recipe is perfect for you. Just under 20 minutes you can have an easy hearty and healthy weekday meal on your table. This great healthy bean soup recipe perfectly suits especially to people on diet. If you prefer vegetarian meal its simple to cook it without smoky ham. Slowly cook fresh diced onion and carrots with olive oil, wait when they become softened, simmer the water in pot then put celery, garlic, the rest vegetables and other convenient ingredients in it and let boil. Its quite easy. Navy soup is satisfying and perfect for dinner and supper on winter Holidays when its chilly. Basil is universal seasoning, one of my favorites. It makes the best taste.
It is a great way to use your leftover ham from Easter or Christmas! Basic vegetables and canned cannelloni beans that everyone has in their fridge and pantry are the simple ingredients that make for a very tasty soup. Nothing fancy.

If you don’t have leftover ham on hand you can just buy cooked ham in your grocery store.

Cannellini beans have soft creamy texture and delicate nutty flavor that works great in combination with savory ham.

Bay leaf is a must – have ingredient in this filling soup. It’s herbal somewhat floral aroma is a perfect compliment! Parsley adds an unbeatable freshness and fragrance.

We are gonna start this soup by creating Soffritto. It is traditional base in Latin, Italian and Spanish cooking. It consists of aromatic vegetables cut into small pieces and sautéed in cooking oil. In our case it is onion, carrots, celery and garlic.

I also like using low sodium chicken stock or broth just to have more control over the saltiness of the dish. You can absolutely substitute for beef stock if you wishing to have a little more depth in flavor.

You can add all kinds of vegetables to this soup to make it extra nutritious and healthy as well. Kale, spinach, zucchini, cabbage or proven peas all work great!

Serve it with warm toast and guarantee comfort to your guests!