This is a delicious and simply one of the best recipes for making your own homemade cream of chicken soup. Only few ingredients but soo flavorful and delicious. Don’t let the short ingredient list fool you. Don’t forget to use all ingredients you want: each seasoning – parsley, pepper, onion, garlic powder – other spices will quickly yield its own flavor and aroma.

What I like in homemade recipes with cream of chicken soup – you can easy get the needed chicken cream consistency and texture as you’re whisking in saucepan or bowl not only per instructions but also per your own taste of creamy chicken soups.

Once you make it yourself you will never be able to go back to the canned stuff. Homemade soup is just incomparably better than canned one. Just under 25 minutes you will have a hearty tasty soup without any additives or preservatives that you can enjoy guilt free. Canned soups like hibachi soup, cream of chicken soup and other are also very high in sodium. Choose good food! So by cooking it at home you can control the amounts of salt that goes in it.

This soup is made with bits of chicken and vegetables, chicken broth and seasonings all cooked in milk. Simple, readily available year-round ingredients that can be found at any grocery store.

Onions, bell peppers, garlic, celery all sautéed in cooking oil creating a Soffrito. Heat milk with the mixture up and let this broth simmer. An aromatic vegetable mixture that is wildly used as a foundation for soups and stews. Butter and flour make up for the roux, our thickening agent. I also love the delicate fragrance of dried thyme. Just a touch really deepens the flavor of the soup.

Cream of chicken soup is commonly used as a base for various sauces or chicken or rice casserole dishes. But this recipe is a definition for a comfort soup that has creamy smooth delicate texture and irresistible savory taste. It is utterly enjoyable on its own.

There is something so special about the soul warming effects of a freshly made steaming hot bowl of homemade soup.

It is a great lunch idea for a cold – weather day. It reminds me of my childhood when I would come home from school to a warm bowl of this soup made by my Nana. So if you are a lover of a delicious but easy to make soup this recipe is just for you.