If you want your dinner portion to be served in classic style you’ll like this famous side salad. It is good with any ingredients, honestly, options are limitless. Eggs, nuts, gorgonzola or goat cheese, beets, onion, chickpeas, potato, avocado, arugula, kale, corn, asparagus, romaine, spinach, green beans – fantastic spring mix. As for meat part – grilled or roasted bacon, sirloin, sliced to thin pieces and drizzled with pepper. You can even use honey-dijon top

I absolutely love a filling hearty salad for lunch and have been making this pan seared steak salad recipe for a long time now. Perfectly juicy seared steak and fresh crisp greens and vegetables are match made in heaven. You will never feel deprived eating this nutritious meal even if it is a salad.

Fresh greens, creamy nutty avocados, bright cherry tomatoes, crispy red onions, savory blue cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and juicy mouthwatering steak work in a perfect balance together to create this delicious offering.

I also make homemade cilantro dressing. It is a wonderful compliment to the salad and you just can’t compare homemade vinaigrette to a store-bought one. It just adds the unbeatable freshness to this salad. And it will only take a couple of minutes of your time from start to finish!

Steak and blue cheese also go hand in hand together. This “melt in your mouth” cheese with its buttery texture and rich aroma pairs great with flavorful steak and veggies.

If however you are not a big fan of blue cheese’s spicy piquancy and pungent smell you can absolutely substitute for any other crumbly cheese kind. My second favorite for this salad is queso fresco.

You can use skirt steak, ribeye, NY strip or even filet mignon for this salad. It all depends on your personal preference of the cut of the meat or how much money you are willing to spend. All of them sear beautifully and are deeply flavorful.

This impressive steak salad will rival a fancy steakhouse salad but will cost you way less! The colors are beautifully vibrant and it looks very pretty and appetizing on your plate! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.