This chicken salad with grapes is a delightful healthier twist on your traditional classic chicken salad. The dressing is a combination of both mayonnaise and greek yogurt making for a tangy, silky creamy compliment to this dish.

I was tired of heavy chicken salads loaded with mayonnaise and wanted to create a lighter more airy and fresh tasting version that would also be delicious. Who knew that the savory chicken-sweet juicy grape combination will turn out to be so great! It just works!

I also add celery and some kind of greens to this salad, usually whatever I have in the fridge: butter salad, romaine, arugula-the sky is the limit. You get that crispy fresh crunch with every bite of your salad. I also prefer using red seedless grapes. Sticking with different shades of green in lettuce, celery and red grapes is especially aesthetically pleasing to the eye making it a beautiful, appetizing dish.

Just don’t add lettuce until you are ready to serve your salad to prevent wilting.

There are so many uses for this easy dish. Wrap in in a wholegrain tortilla or top your favorite multigrain bread with it for a filling nutritious lunch! Or just enjoy on its own.

You can absolutely specially bake the chicken for this salad if you have time or like in my case use leftover rotisserie. This salad is incredibly easy to make and holds on great in the fridge (just don’t add lettuce until serving). It is a great make-ahead option for a busy work week. Super convenient!

Everyone in my family loves this salad! And what a great way to make your loved ones eat more fruit. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.