This classic Waldorf chicken salad with grapes and apples is a delightful twist on your traditional classic chicken salad recipe. The dressing is a combination of both mayonnaise and greek yogurt making for a tangy, silky creamy compliment to this perfect dish. There are a lot of watergate salad variations, because it is very popular.

Variations of Waldorf salad started with a fruit salad consisting of grapes and apples in simple mayonnaise dressing. Then at some point the chicken was added. Now it became an American lunch staple everywhere. Traditionally the dressing is made with just mayonnaise. But I was tired of heavy chicken salads loaded with mayo and wanted to create a lighter more airy and fresh tasting version that would also be delicious. Don’t add mayonnaise to this dish at all to make it healthy. Celery and fragrant toasted walnuts (except walnuts you can substitute it with toasted pistachios, almonds or other nuts) round up the remaining ingredient list of waldorf chicken salad recipes.

Toasting nuts is very important. They become extra aromatic, fragrant, tasty, crunchy and truly irresistible. Toasted walnuts will really amp up the flavors of this chicken salad. So don’t skip on this important step.

I also prefer using red seedless grapes in this classic Waldorf salad. Sticking with different shades of green ingredients in lettuce, celery and Granny Smith apple and red grapes is especially aesthetically pleasing to the eye making it a beautiful, appetizing dish. It looks very pretty and tempting on the plate.

You can absolutely specially bake the chicken for this salad if you have time or like in my case use leftover rotisserie. This salad is incredibly easy to make, takes just a few minutes to make and holds on great in the fridge. It will last for 3-4 days. It is a great make-ahead option for a busy work week. Super convenient!

The best, most satisfying way to serve this salad is on a big piece of a freshly baked baguette from your neighborhood bakery with a few grapes on the top. A carb comfort guaranteed.

I love how bread soaks in a little bit of the creamy dressing making it a soft, heavenly, mouthwatering meals. But you can absolutely serve it without bread any other way, like on a bed of lettuce or in a wrap. Everyone in my family loves this salad! And what a great way to make your loved ones eat more fruit. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.