Smooth refreshing wedge salad with small cherry tomato slices, thin crisp bacon cuts, iceberg lettuce leaves, creamy cheese and toppings tablespoon seasonings is one of my favorite because of its perfect simplicity. Wash iceberg if it is dirty, chop it with knife into wedges, follow the instructions and enjoy.

Wedge salad is a steakhouse staple that everyone loves!

And thanks to this recipe you can enjoy this 5-star salad without making a reservation at the high end restaurant. It might sound fancy and complicated but it is actually very easy to make.

It is exactly what It’s name implies: a head of iceberg lettuce cut into wedges topped with delicious creamy and salty blue cheese dressing, crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes and even more blue cheese crumbles! Do not salt it excessively!

You can also add chopped up red onion or shallots for an extra spicy kick if you wish.

My mouth waters just thinking about it. It is a perfect pairing with obviously a juicy steak or can be served with anything from grilled chicken to pork chops. It is also a great starter for a special dinner or a light quick lunch.

The most important thing is to properly wash your wedged lettuce leaves. Because the only crunch you wanna enjoy is definitely from iceberg lettuce not from dirt.

To do so take a firm head of iceberg lettuce and remove outer leaves off. With a big chef’s knife cut the lettuce into quarters. Cut the core out of the lettuce wedge at the bottom and run the water from the kitchen faucet into the wedge, then turn around shake it a little bit and let it drain.

I am also using homemade dressing in this recipe because it is just so much better then the store bought bottled stuff. It is very simple to make but the difference in taste is astonishing. Your guests will highly appreciate this freshly made dressing without all the additives and preservatives.

The presentation of this salad is simply gorgeous. Bright green boat of lettuce with white-blue creamy blue cheese dressing. Tomatoes and bacon add a little pop of color. Your guests will be very impressed next time you ll surprise them with this delicious salad!

You can use different additional ingredients in homemade dish, salary stem or chives for example. Traditionally in cuisine the same components are used. But you can create your individual way to cook it. Slightly dice white cheese on a plate, neatly prepare it for serving, add cup of your favorite drink. I am total fan of ice chicory.
I typically serve this simple lunch when cook hot meal. It is a great healthy nutrition.