This watergate side salad perfectly suits you and your kids if they’d like to start their meal with an appealing dessert. It is also a tasty potluck for some special church stuff. It is fantastically soft, prepared with small chunks of red cherry on the top.

Starting with base of pistachio pudding, sweet pineapples, crunchy pecans, chewy marshmallows and airy cool whip – this classic retro dessert guarantees every bite of it will be filled with bold contrast flavors.

This delicious old school watergatesalad dessert only takes 5 minutes of your time to make from start to finish! How easier can it get.

Pistachio pudding gives it its distinct pastel mint green color while also most of its flavor.

Pineapple adds the sweetness, pecans give that unexpected crunch with every bite. Fluffy marshmallows soak in all the juices of the salad and their chewy texture makes them a perfect compliment. And the cool whip really brings everything together.

It is a very versatile dessert: it could be served all year round. Great to bring to a casual summer cookout but will also fit beautifully on the festive Easter or Christmas table thanks to its characteristic light green color. People are going to be bugging you to make it for every occasion possible that’s how good it is.

And this watergate salad recipe is incredibly simple. It only takes 5 minutes to throw all the ingredients together and voila it’s ready. And the best thing is that it has low calories. You can see how many calories in this Watergate salad in nutrition facts.

My favorite part of the salad is a combination of all the wild textures, but once your taste buds get passed that you will discover how delicious it truly is. As an old classic this dessert has many versions but I prefer to stick with the original.

This classic dessert needs to be chilled before serving. So whip it together and leave in the fridge for about 5 hours for all the flavors to wonderfully blend together. Marshmallows will also get filled up with all the residual fluids making the salad little bit thicker. Do you imagine how much I like to make this Watergate salad? Enjoy!