This timeless home cooked basic chicken salad recipe is definitely one of my family’s favorite! It is exactly how I remember it when my mom made it for me.

This timesaving simple meal in a flesh can be created using basic ingredients that anyone has in their fridge: rotisserie chicken, fresh celery, cooked eggs, mayonnaise, plain Greek yogurt (use only yogurt without mayonnaise if you want it fat free) and seasonings (you can add a little mustard to get more savory taste). All of them go perfect together. Savory chopped chicken mixed with creamy mayonnaise and yogurt, crunchy celery and fresh herbs-you can’t go wrong with those tasty timeless combinations. So no more hard-cooked lunches.

Rotisserie chicken has been a life savior so many times. You can literally put together in amazing dish filled with shortcuts that no-one will ever taste. And it is soo budget friendly.

My local grocery store has 5$ rotisserie chicken Wednesdays and I never miss the deal. With a small child and a job, dog and husband (he is last, just kidding) this juicy, already made chicken is an amazing helper and dish inspiration. Sometimes I plan my meals around rotisserie chicken. I am addicted. Chicken is my favorite! I use it everywhere, soups, salads, pasta, lasagna you name it. If I can shed some minutes of that time spent in the kitchen I am definitely in.

So this chicken salad was a no-brainer. I love chicken salad and why not make it with rotisserie chicken.

And the most exciting thing is that you can use this salad so many different ways. Wrap this salad in a flour tortilla for a chicken salad wrap lunch, top you favorite greens with it or serve it in a sandwich. My personal favorite way is on a freshly grilled bread. It is just perfect. Bread soaks in a little bit of dressing juices and is here to guarantee comfort.

Made with only 5 ingredients this chicken salad is quite simple but oh-so-tasty. Greek yogurt adds a little tangy flavor that goes great with chicken and the celery. And if your mayo is not quite acidic, a small squeeze of lemon juice might do the trick. It will really brighten up the flavors. Make sure to taste first!

This salad is great and simple! Exactly what the name implies, you just have to try it!