This is a fun spin on your traditional lasagna recipe. We are gonna make it in single lasagna noodles rolls that are perfectly individually portioned. No more messy unevenly cut lasagna squares. It just looks incredibly fancy and tastes delicious.

In the flavor department we are sticking to the classics ingredients so it is still same mouthwatering, filling lasagna that we all love. It is an ultimate carb comforting dish that just looks oh so pretty and appetizing on the plate.

It is a great dish to make if you want to really impress your company with this five star restaurant worthy meal.In addition, the portions of this baked noodle dish are large enough so there would be no leftovers in your company.

At the same time it is very kid friendly and will please almost any of your picky eaters, because what kid doesn’t like lasagna! So this lasagna is great to add to your meal rotation. And because the pieces are all perfectly individual this meal is very freezer friendly as well. Assemble ahead of time and bake half when you ready to serve and freeze half for later. It takes minutes to bake this lasagna. Great life savior for a busy work week.

I highly recommend using high quality beef like grass fed or organic for a more delicate and complex flavor. I also like using freshly grated cheeses (you can use any cheese like parmesan, ricotta, mozzarella or mixture of cheese) in this dish. Melted freshly grated cheese sauce is way more aromatic and tastes so much better when it is cooked, it is fresher, creamier, lacks all the additives and preservatives, and it melts beautifully and bubbly as well. And you will get a nice arm workout as a bonus.

I also quickly grind cooked beef mixture in a food processor just to achieve an overall better, smoother consistency without big chunks of cooked meat. It just gives this dish a great uniform texture.

Making this dish may look like an ambitious resolution but believe me after making this layered food couple times it will start going pretty quick and easy. Rich and cheesy and satisfying. You will want to make this irresistible dish over and over again.