This beautiful, vibrant orange risotto will impress even the most sophisticated palettes. Baked in the oven together with pumpkin, risotto is creamy, luxurious, sweet and savory and as far away from fussy and hands-on as possible. It basically cooks itself in the oven without hour-long constant stirring at the stovetop.

Risotto is knows to be a fussy dish that requires constant attention. But with the magic of this wonderful recipe, risotto simply bubbles way on its on in the oven with aromatic pumpkin added straight to the pot. Pumpkin disintegrates while baking and after a vigorous stir when you take risotto out of the oven it turns into creamy, luscious sauce for the risotto without a drop of cream. Savory parmesan cheese balances out the sweetness of the pumpkin and fragrant fried sage serves as a finishing touch.

I am completely obsessed with the convenience of making risotto in the oven without having to stir it for fifty minutes straight. This risotto is extremely satisfying creamy and simply heavenly.

The sweetness of roasted caramelized pumpkin works in perfect harmony with hearty, starchy risotto rice and savory parmesan cheese. Aromatics like garlic and onions together with white wine really intensify the flavors of the dish. And the gorgeous color is stunning. The dish is almost too pretty to eat.

This risotto makes a delightful and nourishing dinner or a great side dish to any of your favorite proteins. It is also very versatile and the ingredients are interchangeable. Swap chicken broth for vegetable to make it vegetarian, use olive oil in place of butter and butternut squash instead of pumpkin. Anyway you make it it always comes out fantastic thanks to this foolproof oven method.