Shrimp is one of the most versatile seafood types. It can be cooked literally any way possible. But making a luxurious pasta with shrimp is one of my favorite. This linguine with shrimp recipe is absolutely delicious, rich and creamy it is to die for. Pasta and shrimp are tossed with woodsy sautéed mushrooms and made from scratch creamy cheese sauce.

This meal is suitable for any occasion be it a busy midweek dinner or a fancy dinner party. The star of the show is garlic infused parmesan sauce. It is simply decadent. Made without any cream it is luxuriously silky, velvety smooth and cheesy thanks to the secret ingredient-cream cheese. It is simmered with milk and then parmesan and mozzarella cheese are added as a finishing touch.

The sauce is flavorful, coating every strand of linguine when tossed with pasta. Linguine is a great carrier for this rich and indulgent sauce with shrimp being a delightful compliment.

To make this dish is a breeze which is always a bonus. Start building the flavors with aromatics like garlic and onions, adding mushrooms and shrimp, then create the sauce by cooking cream cheese and milk together and combining everything with cheese. Toss with freshly boiled pasta and voila you have a mouthwatering pasta on your plate in a half an hour.

And this linguine with shrimp is always a huge hit, even with the kids. Follow the instructions below to create this culinary delight.