When it’s the season of autumn holidays, I love cooking corn bread. I cook it for school start, and then almost every weekend up till thanksgiving and well into December.

Cornbread reminds me of all the harvest and fall festivities. It’s a great snack, I love having a piece with my tea, I serve it with clam chowders and with pot roasts. Cornbread is simple, and yet, a few simple tips can make it much better.

I’ve found out that using a combination of various corn meals works the best. Especially if they are ground differently. I usually mix a very fine grind with coarser one, half and half, and the cornbread has a wonderful soft, crumbly texture.

My grandmother also soaked the coarse grinds of cornmeal before baking so that the pieces are completely soft and cooked after baking. I sometimes do that as well or leave the batter to sit for a few hours before baking.

Depending on what you’d like, you can make your cornbread sweet and have it with honey or condensed milk, or only slightly sweet and have it with savory meals.

Follow these simple instructions for a perfect cornbread.