Japanese cuisine is full of amazing baked goodies and here’s one recipe that has me drooling every time I think about it, to say nothing of when I bake it.

This melon bread is absolutely exquisite. It looks like melon, it had a crispy crust and an amazing tender inside and it’s so delightfully sweet. This bread is made with both cookie dough and bread dough, and the combination is a blast.

This dish is amazingly popular in Japan, and if you’re having a Japanese themed party or just want a piece of bread on a Sunday that is sweet as a cookie and even looks like one, nothing’s better. There are various kinds of this bread, some of them even actually taste like a melon. This recipe calls for a really traditional sweet bread.

As often is the case with Asian cuisines, this bread has a few tricks. The biggest being that it may crack while it’s baking. To avoid this, stick the cookie batter in the fridge for an hour and a half and don’t roll it out when it’s still cold, wait till it warms up to room temperature. This way it will be pliant enough and won’t crack.

The result is absolutely extraordinary, and all you have to do to make it is follow the simple steps below. Good luck!