Baked chicken is one of the most common meat courses for dinner. It’s lean and inexpensive and quite easy to cook and by choosing a different cut of meat and a recipe variation you can even add a lot of variety. Classic baked chicken breasts are quite not the same as Buffalo style bake wings and yet the method is pretty much the same.

So, how do we bake chicken easily? Here are a few tips to make the cooking of chicken simpler and foolproof.

If you want to save even more money, buying a whole chicken is the best idea. First, you can carve it up and have a variety of cuts baked in the same pan. Second, you’ll have the giblets of meat you can use for gravy.

Start by trimming your chicken. Mix a teaspoon of salt with pepper and, if you wish, chopped fresh or dried garlic Remove all the excess fat, rub the chicken with the mixture. Place the pieces of meat, skin on, on a baking sheet, sprinkled with oil.

It’s best to use a kitchen thermometer to check the chicken for readiness. The food safe temperature for a cooked piece of chicken, bone in and skin on, should be at least 150F. There should be no pink at the bone and the chicken juices should be clear. After your chicken is baked, make a foil tent for it and let it rest for a while.

Now, the fun part. Set the table and serve this lovely, crispy baked chicken with a garnish of your choice. Baked potatoes, French fries, veggies or salads all go very well with it!

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