What can be difficult in boil corn recipe? Corn is such an essential part of American cuisine that I can hardly imagine certain food-related activities without at least some kind of corn. Corn on the cob, creamed corn, baked corn, there are so many classic recipes. We do it for Christmas and Thanksgiving, we have at outside BBQs.

But how exactly do you cook corn so that the kernels are softened, the taste is sweet and you can easily use it in a variety of recipes?

The answer is, you boil corn first. When corn ears are matured, the kernels are quite hard and if you try broiling or baking them immediately, they will be chewy and hard still. So, if you want your creamed corn or corn on the cob to be tender, you’ll have to boil your corn first. Boiled corn freezes well and you can keep refrigerated corn for a long time and then get it out when you need to cook something or other. Do you know how long you should boil corn?

I usually buy my corn at them farmers’ market when it’s in season. If I see that my corn is way too mature, I sometimes let it soak in water for a few hours before boiling. I also add herbs to water, such as rosemary sprigs, chopped basil leaves and a bit of lemon juice. This makes the softening faster.

Shorter cobs of corn can be boiled whole, if they are long, the size of your saucepan may require to cut them into two parts.

Then I boil corn for at least 5 minutes or until its kernels are tender and are easily separated from the cob – this is when it’s done. That`s how long I boil the corn. The exact amount of time will depend on the quality of corn, its age and size. You can serve corn immediately after boiling. Rub it with bit of coarse salt and pour melted butter over, it’s delicious. That`s my boiled corn recipe.

Now, just follow these easy steps to cook amazing corn. How long do you boil corn for salads?

Wondering how long to boil corn to perfections? Find out in this article ?