Moist, well-seasoned, tender meatloaf is something I remember from childhood. I wasn’t that much of meat eater when I was a kid, so meatloaf was my mom’s little trick to make me eat meat. I called it meat bread and kind of liked. What I kind of liked as a kid, I grew to absolutely love, when I grew up and meat and me had a reconciliation.

If you’re looking for the best way to cook perfectly moist, flavorful and lean meatloaf with onions and traditional ketchup topping, here’s how.

If you’re having a busy day, it’s best to prepare everything ahead. Like, throwing the frozen ground beef in the fridge before you go to work so that it thaws nicely by the time you get home.

This way, the only prep you will have to do when you start cooking is to chop your onions. And even that can be avoided, if you use dried onions or onion powder instead. After that, you basically just throw everything in a bowl, mix it all up and bake it.

Here are some tricks. If you want to make the meatloaf extra soft, use actually bread, soaked in milk, instead of breadcrumbs and mix very well with the meat. This creates a meatloaf that is fantastically soft and fluffy.

Other than that, just follow the quick steps below to make a great meatloaf.

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