Eggs are a great source of easily digestible protein, especially if your diet doesn’t include meat. Not so long ago, most nutritionists agreed that there’s too much cholesterol in eggs and you shouldn’t eat more than a few a week, but the recent studies show that it’s not so and the cholesterol in eggs is of the good kind.

Boiled eggs come in many varieties, depending on how long you boil them and can be an amazing breakfast option, because they don’t pack as many calories as fried eggs do. They are also a very common ingredient for variety of homemade salads.

But boiling eggs to perfection, depending what you’re cooking, is a bit of a form of art. The length of time the eggs spend in boiling water is the key. 1 minute of boiling is usually enough for soft-boiled eggs, where the whites are relatively solid and the yolks are still runny. 5-7 minutes will give you hardboiled eggs. Large eggs will take a bit longer to cook. Make sure you don’t overdo your eggs. Overcooked eggs have yolks that are too dry and papery.

There are a few tips to boiling eggs easily. First, the water should alway cover your eggs. Do not place them in boiling water, they might break and burst. If you want them to peel easily, after you are done boiling them, place them in very cold water immediately after boiling. The method of cooking eggs is described in the instructions below.

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