Steamed broccoli is a side dish I go to when I decide that I’m on diet. It’s very filling, it’s full of fiber, vitamins and nutrients and it’s all in all good for you. Or, when I crave for some delicious but calorie laden main course, steamed broccoli is my way of balancing it out with a healthy side dish.

All in all, steamed broccoli is perfect. It’s a great source of protein for vegans and vegetarians, and it goes well with almost any fish, poultry or meat main course.

How do you steam broccoli on the stove so that it’s not mushy and overcooked? The method is simple, but still here are a few tips.

Here is the best way to steam broccoli. Use a water bath and preheat the water before you start steaming. There’s very little prep. Break your broccoli in medium sized pieces – they should be only large enough to bite, possibly, of the same size, so that they all cook evenly. Set your stove on high heat so that when you stem, there’s a lot of hot steam and the process is quick enough.

Steamed broccoli is pretty good on its own. But you can serve it with a bit of salt and pepper or mayonnaise to dip. Use a timer so that you don’t have to stand next to the stove and watch over all the time.

So here is an answer on how to steam broccoli on the stove. Follow the simple steps below for perfectly steamed broccoli.

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