Chocolate chip cookies are American favorite cookies, and with this amazing coconut flour chocolate chip cookies you can enjoy them absolutely guilt free even if you are following Keto diet plan. Baking with coconut flour can be a little tricky but with this foolproof recipe under your belt even the beginner bakers do not need to worry.

Coconut flour is basically finally shredded coconut, it is full of healthy fats and is similar to a sponge and expands as it soaks up liquid, so you need to use way less than regular white flour. It also has way more nutritional value than regular flour and is beneficial for you. However since the flour will act as a sponge you need to make sure to use an adequate amount of liquid for the best results. I use two eggs and lots of butter or butter flavored coconut oil.

The cookies are bursting with coconut flavors with every bite. You also get and explosion of melty chocolate chips when the cookies are still warm straight out of the oven.

They are also filling and satisfying thanks to the wholesome ingredients. They make a wonderful on the go snack for a quick refueling. They are nutritious and are a brilliant breakfast idea, pair great with morning tea or coffee.