There’s a variety of ways to cook pork and there are plenty of methods to make the meat softer and more tender without having to cook it for hours. Do you know how to cook pork cutlets for example?

Schnitzels are one of the best ways to cook pork without having to wait for hours at the stove for the meat to become soft and tender. These pork cutlets present a lovely bread crumb crust and are extra soft and juicy on the inside. All that without a lengthy cooking time!

There are different methods to make meat soft in pork cutlet recipes. One of the most popular way of softening meat, apart from marinating it in a sour kind of marinade, is to pound it before cooking. The meat tenderizer breaks the tissues and the meat becomes more soft and mushy.

For this cutlet recipe I use pork tenderloin, but since it’s already pretty soft and tender, I go very lightly with the pounding. Other cuts that can be used for cooking these cutlets are pork shoulder and chops.

There’s very little in terms of prepping. You tenderize the meat than coat it with several layers of breading (see the detailed steps below) and fry on medium high heat. The tenderized pieces of meat will be very thin, so it will only take a few minutes for them to get completely done.

It is my favourite pork cutlets recipe.

You can serve them with any side dish of your choice, such as veggies, pasta or rice, salads and French fries.

I hope you have fun with this quick and easy dinner recipe!