This time of the year, when the first young potatoes with see through tender skin appear, I always make these ranch pork chops for dinner.

There are different recipes for ranch pork chops, but I like this one more than others.

Baked to golden perfection and seasoned with ranch dressing and seasoning mix, these pork chops are cooked in a large sheet pan together with tiny whole young baby potatoes and trust me, they will create and explosion of flavor for your taste buds.

I usually take boneless pork chops for this recipe – merely for space economy reasons. My sheet pan simply fits more of the boness kind. But if you are only cooking two pork chops, taking the bone-in variety is a good option, if you prefer it this way.

The recipe itself is incredibly simply. You mix your spices and coat potatoes and meat. For the sake of simplicity I usually just toss everything in one big plastic bowl and them dump it all into my sheet pan.

When cooking, you can arrange the potatoes and the pork chops separately or mixed together. I usually go for mixed, because the meat releases juices which potatoes soak up. I usually also cook pork chop ranch dressing.

You can use other vegetables for baking instead of potatoes. Zucchinis and mushrooms work pretty well for ranch pork chops in oven. Broccoli and cauliflower tend to turn out a little too dry for my taste, but you can try them as well. Mixing several kinds of veggies also works great.

Just follow the detailed instructions below to create this great one pot dish!