This Margherita flatbread pizza is off the hook, delicious, easy, fast, and better then in any restaurant, it is to die for. Made with store-bough naan bread, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, aromatic fresh chopped basil leaves, infused with fragrant garlic and finished off with an olive oil/balsamic emulsion drizzle.

This is the recipe where you definitely get the maximum flavor with minimal effort. True weeknight wonder this pizza comes together in a short 15 minutes. It is also great as a party appetizer or if you need to feed the crowd. It only has very inexpensive ingredients and the multiple flatbreads can be simultaneously baked in the oven which is very convenient. The flavors are traditional Mediterranean Margherita pizza but you can use any other of you favorites like Hawaiian or vegetable.

The base for the flatbread is store bought naan bread and it works great. It is slightly brushed with olive oil infused with pressed fresh garlic, the naan is then pre baked and topped with sliced whole milk mozzarella and ripe colorful tomatoes and baked again for the cheese to melt and flavors to blend.

I always use fresh garlic and basil for the most intense, multidimensional flavor, so I do not recommend using dried ones instead. They really add a ton of flavor that is rich and exuberant. It pairs wonderful with the otherwise subtle tasting margarita pizza.

Pizza is simplicity at its best and is suitable for any occasion. This quick recipe will save your day so follow simple instructions below to create it.