This Jamaica style dish with a naughty name is actually a hearty, creamy, delicious pasta, cooked with an assortment of bell peppers of various colors and wonderfully spiced jerk chicken.

The jerk spice really does it. It brings out so much flavor in the chicken and combined with heavy cream, veggies and pasta, it becomes an absolutely mouth-watering dish.

I like using bell peppers of red, yellow and green colors for this dish. Not only do they present a lovely aesthetical picture, they also resemble the colors of Jamaican flag, which, I think, is a neat touch.

There are only two tips I can think of in terms of cooking this quite simple dish. First, cook your pasta of choice strictly according to instructions on the back of the box. It should be cooked al dente or it will become too soft and mushy afterwards. And second, make sure you sear the chicken very well till it’s golden brown so that it’s not to bland.

Other than that, the dish is really simple, one bowl. It can be an awesome pasta dinner or lunch. Simply follow the easy steps below to cook it and I hope you enjoy it.