I love recreating my favorite restaurant dishes at home, especially exotic cuisines like Indian and Chinese. My passion for bold Indian cuisine is unmeasurable. I am obsessed with the fragrant dishes and aromatic spices. This chicken korma is one of my favorite dishes.

I have been ordering it all the time and finally got the guts to make it at home. It seemed like an ambitious resolution but was surprisingly very easy. The result was outstanding, chicken korma came out great , might even be better then the restaurant version.

That is why I am sharing this amazing recipe with you. Chicken is simmered away on the stove in a mildly spiced, coconut milk based curry emitting the most taunting smell. I can hardly ever wait for it to be ready! The curry is luxuriously rich, silky and velvety, basically everything you want curry to be. And it is pretty healthy.

All the creaminess comes from coconut milk and coconut oil, so there is not a drop of cream, it is dairy free. That is why I prefer cooking at home rather than going out because you can really control your ingredients.

And the ingredients list is pretty basic, I promise, no hard to find or pronounce items at all. The dish is also gluten free and paleo approved and comes together in a short 30 minutes. You can not beat that. Follow the simple steps below for this Indian cuisine culinary delight.