Save yourself a trip to Chinese restaurant and make this delicious Hunan shrimp recipe at home. Hunan shrimp is a stir-fried dish where shrimp is coated in a dusting of cornstarch and cooked with a spicy chili paste sauce. The hot peppers that the sauce is made out of are the characteristic feature of the Hunan dishes. Hunan shrimp is fast fried and has a hot and spicy flavor.

In this particular recipe we will be using hot chili oil together with with the red pepper flakes used to make it, instead of the peppers themselves. The star of the recipe is of corse the sauce. It is ketchup based and might be slightly modified from the original Chinese version but it tastes amazing and very grocery store friendly. Only simple, basic ingredients like soy sauce, oyster sauce, rice vinegar, hot Peper oil and flakes and salt and sugar.

But the results are stellar, hot and spicy, sweet and tart, the sauce hits all 4 major taste groups and is truly a treat for your taste buds.

The shrimp is coated in a mixture of mung bean starch, peanut oil and egg whites and stir-fried with fragrant garlic and shallots, and aromatic ginger. Then the sauce is added. The house will smell taunting and extremely appetizing while the shrimp is being cooked. You can also choose your preferred preparation method depending on your personal taste. There is shallow-frying (very similar to deep-frying but in the pan) and stir-frying. Shallow-frying required a fare amount of peanut oil and when the sauce gets mixed in, it might feel little bit greasy so I personally stir-fry my shrimp just in tree tablespoons of oil. It is healthier and way less oily.

This Chinese inspired dish is extremely flavorful and super easy to make. Just under 30 minutes you can have mouthwatering, scrumptious Hunan shrimp dish that is definitely company worthy. Serve it with a side of your favorite rice and steamed veggies for a complete meal that everyone will greatly enjoy.