Surprise your guests with these amazing company worthy mouthful shrimp appetizers. These easy homemade appetizers are succulent shrimp served on a slice of fresh, crispy cucumber with a layer of creamy, citrusy avocado. Those delicious mouthfuls of cucumber shrimp are stellar and a huge hit every time I make them. Shrimp is seasoned with cajun spice that really amps up the overall delicate flavor of shrimp and takes this mouthwatering dish to the next level. It is one of the best shrimp appetizers with cucumber recipes.

These delicious healthy shrimp appetizer with cucumber and avocado is super easy to make with just a few simple steps. You can easily make it in a few minutes. The seasoning for shrimps is a mixture of paprika, spicy cayenne pepper, a small amount of fresh garlic and cilantro (but you can use any species to your taste). It definitely has a spicy kick to it, so you can adjust the amounts according to your taste and make it milder by cutting pepper and paprika in half. Give seasoned shrimp a quick sear on a hot pan in batches to avoid overcrowding. This might let the shrimp release the juices out and they will become rubbery. Nice sear and beautiful caramelization will keep the shrimp plump and tender and will make it a little crispy.

Make avocado spread by mushing it together with squeezed lime juice and sea salt. Cut the fresh cucumber and top with creamy avocado mixture (you also can use guacamole with lime or lemon juice) and shrimp, garnishing with cilantro for an unbeatable flavor and freshness. Perfect taste in every bite. The best thing in this recipe is that it has low calories and gluten free so it will fit your diet.

This shrimp appetizer recipe is simply amazing. Healthy and light this appetizer is a perfect starter for a nice meal. Every bite is bursting with cajun flavors from the shrimp balanced out by crispy cucumbers and creamy, mildly flavored avocado spread. Very quick and easy to put together. Just under 15 minutes you can have a mouthwatering shrimp cucumber bites that are friendly with any diets like Keto, gluten free, low carb and paleo. You quests will be highly impressed by this irresistible appetizer and begging you for the recipe ideas.