Do you know how to make shrimp chow mein? This Chinese inspired one pot shrimp chow main is a week night wonder for sure. Just a few simple steps and under 25 minutes that takes to make it, this dish is a flavorful and satisfying carb fix. Filled with starchy, eggy noodles, fresh vibrant vegetables mixture and succulent savory shrimp this chow main will guarantee comfort and excite your taste buds. All from noodles to shrimp made in one pot for extra convenience and to minimize the dirty dishes. You already know what is shrimp chow mein, right?

Mein or mian is simply the Chinese word for noodles. When lo Mein means “tossed noodles,” while chow mein means “fried noodles.” Chow Mein is a Chinese classic that is slightly modified in this recipe to make it a little bit easier to make, and adjust to a more available ingredients. Egg noodles are the best to make Chow Mein. You can also use Japanese pre-cooked yakisoba noodles or packets labelled with Hongkong Noodles or Chow Mein Noodles. If you are going for precooked noodles you are taking a nice shortcut by not having to boil them first. Just run the cooked noodles under hot water before adding them to your dish. Or just cook seafood chow mein according to instruction on the package and then add them to the dish.

Vegetables and shrimp are sautéed in turns in the same pan or wok in oil, together with a simple 5 ingredient sauce and then the cooked noodles are added. Do not let the short ingredient list of shrimp chow mein recipe for the sauce fool you. With powerful, potent ingredient like combined soy sauce, honey, ginger, garlic and sesame oil this incredible sauce packs a major flavor punch. You can also add some fragrant species, but it is optional. Shrimp chow mein ingredients are very few.

This dish is extremely versatile. You can use any vegetables of your choice like carrots, onions, snap peas, cabbage or celery (I often use carrots, celery and onion) in seafood chow mein recipe. You can also substitute for a different protein like oyster or even chicken if you are not a big seafood enthusiast. Or you can substitute noodles with rice, for example.

Just a few simple steps, basic ingredients, minimal effort and short amount of time and you have a complete, satisfying meal on your plate. Serve it hot with store-bought, boiled potstickers as a starter or asian inspired side salad for a fantastic dinner.