Steamed shrimp is one of my favorite ways to enjoy them. Perfectly coated in zesty old bay seasoning and steamed in beer to perfection shrimp are delicious and extra flavorful thanks to the steaming them in their shells. This method is foolproof. It can get little messy cleaning shrimp but you will be rewarded with the best tasting shrimp once you sink your teeth into one. It is worth every second spent cleaning them. In addition it doesn’t take much time to make this simple delicious steam shrimp by recipe. It takes just 5 minutes! It is one of my favorite steamed shrimp with seasonings recipes.

Steamed jumbo shrimp is firm, delicious, wonderfully savory and little spicy and just simply perfect.

We make this easy boiled shrimp as a wonderful appetizer or shack all the time. This great and simply the best steamed shrimp recipe is super easy and quick but the results never disappoint. The key is to buy quality, large or jumbo shrimp with shells on and headless. They need to be raw. Cooked shrimp will get way too tough for this recipe. You can also substitute old bay seasoning for an original Maryland spice if you can find it.

The steaming technique is as easy as it gets. You don’t need to prepare many ingredients. All you need is a large steaming pot, beer and seasoning. Bring beer and seasoning to a boil and steam shrimp with shells on for about 5 minutes. Shrimp cooks in the pot pretty fast, so make sure to time it, in order to avoid overcooking. Steaming in beer over water definitely adds to the complexity of flavors and old bay seasoning brings in a nice spicy kick to every bite of this plump, moist shrimp.

If you wanna know what to serve with steamed shrimp, here are a couple of ideas. Serve the steamed shrimp with lemon and cocktail sauce right away while it is warm, or cooled off. Lemon wedges and homemade or store bought cocktail dipping sauce make a great addition to the shrimp. With just 3 simple ingredient and 10 minutes of your time you can have a superb appetizer that everyone will love. It is healthy, fun to eat and mouthwateringly tasty. So next time you are not sure what to bring to the party to impress and surprise your friends try this helpful, great, quick, simple, tasty and simply the best recipe for steamed shrimp old bay beer.