Do you know how to make coconut shrimp sauce? Coconut shrimp is a delicious good fried shrimp with a fun tropical twist. The breading is a mixture of aromatic coconut flakes, egg and crispy Panko breadcrumbs. Combine them with juicy, plump shrimp, then deep fry for a few minutes and you have a winner. Tender and moist shrimp meat on the inside and beautiful, golden brown coconut crust on the outside. Irresistibly crunchy, those shrimps are phenomenal.

But what really takes delicious, crunchy golden brown coconut shrimp to the next level of taste and flavor for me is definitely a great dipping sauce. There are so many shrimp sauce recipes and I would like to share a couple of my favorite easy-to-make sauce recipes with you. One of my personal favorites is sweet chili sauce. There is just something magical about the combination of savory, crispy, delicately flavored coconut shrimp and bold tasting sweetness of the chili sauce. And I love that it also has a sweet tropical note to it thanks to the orange marmalade.

Orange and coconut are match made in heaven for sure.

The best chili sauce is super quick easy to make and spares you a trip to the store. Just 4 simple ingredients, amount of time and absolutely no added sodium and preservatives. Orange marmalade, apricot jam, garlic chili sauce and a dash of sriracha for a nice spicy kick. You can omit it if you do not like hot sauces. Everything homemade tastes so much better and is better for your health as well. But there is also creamy coconut shrimp dipping sauce.

Another amazing sauce that works wonders with coconut shrimp is creamy pineapple sauce. The base is plain Greek yogurt (can use low-fat) that is mixed with crushed pineapple, sugar and more shredded coconut. We are definitely sticking with our tropical paradise theme here as well. This sauce is creamy, tangy and sweet with an exotic touch from crushed pineapple. Coconut shrimp sauce recipe is a perfect compliment to the savory coconut shrimp. Very easy to make and has added protein from the yogurt.

Apricot dipping sauce for coconut shrimp is party hit!

If you wanna impress your friends or colleagues at the party next time I recommend you to make coconut shrimp appetizer with pineapple dipping sauce for coconut shrimp and serve it with those delightful dipping sauces for a fun snack no one could resist.