This wonderful shrimp variation of classic pasta salad recipe is simply delicious and makes a great picnic or barbecue side easy homemade dish to bring with you. In addition, it takes just a few minutes to make so you don’t waste much time to cook a simple perfect pasta salad. Succulent, cooked, sea flavored shrimp is tossed with basic crunchy vegetables, carb comforting macaroni noodles and delicious creamy homemade dressing. Fresh dill adds an unbeatable freshness while lemon juice really cuts the flavor and richness of the dressing with crispy celery and sweet peppers adding a fun pop of color and brightening the whole dish up.

It is simplicity at its best. Basic ingredients, that everyone has in their fridge, when combined together, create a good, delightful, tasty pasta salad. The delicate taste of pasta is a perfect carrier for more potent flavors of the savory shrimp, veggies and dressing.

All the favorite complimenting flavors and textures balance each other out for a true culinary delight.

The recipe calls for small cooked shrimp that you can buy frozen or fresh, you can use bigger ones as well just roughly chop them before adding to the salad. You can also use any kind of pasta that you prefer, like macaroni, fusilli and even spaghetti. Crunchy celery and red pepper bring in some needed textural contrast with every bite. The made from scratch dressing is mayonnaise mixed with sweet relish for a zesty kick, fresh lemon juice, salt, sugar and fresh dill. Make sure not to leave the salad out for too long due to the dressing being mayo based. Or you can fill a bigger bowl with ice and place the smaller bowl with pasta salad in it.

This salad is always a big crowd pleaser. People can’t get enough of it and always rave about it afterwards. And it is so easy and quick to make. Just a few simple steps and you have a fantastic, original side crunchy dish (that is also perfect for dinner) that guarantees to please even the pickiest of eaters. Enjoy!