Shrimp skewers are a fun way to serve the little favorite crustaceous. Cajun shrimp skewers is usually a huge hit with the kids because they love everything skewers that you can pick up with their hands and eat. They will devour anything off the stick. Once you thread your delicious cooked shrimp on skewers you can grill them or broil in the oven. With summer approaching this simple but perfect recipe is going to be grilled shrimp skewers. They are best when grilled, this way the little guys will not fall through the grill crates.

I also love to enhance delicate flavor of grilled shrimp with homemade marinade.

Shrimp skewers marinade can even become a separate dish! It really boosts the taste of the shrimp and takes the marinated shrimp skewers to the next level of deliciousness. The marinade for the shrimp is olive oil, lemon zest, fresh garlic and Italian seasoning mix. All the bold flavors really compliment the mild taste and flavor of fresh shrimp. I add lemon zest instead of juice because the juice will cook the shrimp prematurely (think ceviche). Citrus zest however will pack a powerful flavor punch when its essential oils will dissolve in olive oil.

And a small squeeze of lemon juice and olive oil brightens up the shrimp flavor right before eating. So tasty and satisfying. Shrimp skewers pair beautifully with any of the light vegetable sides or starches like rice and quinoa. Broiled shrimp skewers are amazing when served over a big, fresh, crunchy salad. They can also be made-ahead for a no fuss week night meal or family dinner. The best thing in this recipe is that it cooks quickly and takes just a few minutes. But to make your grilling experience a breeze, make sure to soak wooden skewers in water for at least 30 minutes to prevent burning or use metal ones. Preheat grill and cook on high to quickly create beautifully charred grilled marks on the shrimp. You can baste with more marinade while grilling if desired. But remember shrimp cooks very quickly about 2-3 minutes per side that is all it takes. I also like to leave tails on for a more eye pleasing presentation. It is one of my usual kabob recipes.

This grilled shrimp skewers are phenomenal and look very appetizing when they are serving on the plate. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with parsley before serving.