This homemade zesty cocktail sauce for shrimp is a timeless accompaniment to the classic steamed and chilled shrimp appetizer – amazing shrimp cocktail. That is where the sauce gets its name, cocktail sauce. Making this perfect sauce from scratch is very easy with basic pantry staples that everyone has. In addition, it takes just a few minutes to make this simple zesty sauce, so you can cook it anytime. That is why you should never settle for the store-bought one. This zesty appetizer sauce is a combination of such ingredients as ketchup, horseradish, fresh lemon juice, hot sauce and seasonings. The beauty of making it yourself is that you can adjust the flavors according to your own personal taste using your favorite spices. You can also add fresh, fragrant ingredients like freshly grated horseradish and squeezed lemon. How to make this shrimp cocktail sauce from scratch? Here is the recipe!

Once you try a beautiful easy homemade shrimp cocktail sauce recipe you will be ruined for life and will never be able to go back to the ones from the grocery store. This easy recipe is delicious, but like I said you are free to experiment with the amounts and even ingredients themselves. An avid garlic lover, feel free to thrown some pressed garlic in according to your personal taste. Like it hot? Double the amount of sriracha, or the opposite, omit it if you are not into spicy stuff. Well you follow the pattern.

This sauce is a great compliment not only to classic shrimp cocktail, it can be served with other types of shrimp or other seafood.

Like fried shrimp, cajun steamed in a shell shrimp, coconut shrimp, baked shrimp, boiled shrimp or really any shrimp. I like to serve it with homemade shrimp cocktail rather than buying already cooked shrimp in the store. Same concept it is just so much tastier and better if you make it yourself. I love to serve this sauce in a small bowl with jumbo steamed in a shell shrimp that are then cleaned and chilled. That is my go-to fancy appetizer I serve on special occasions. Minimum effort for the maximum taste with amazing texture. It always receives great reviews and people can’t stop eating it. Now tell me, how do you make shrimp cocktail sauce?