Do you know how to make batter for shrimp? Treat yourself with these amazing juicy on the inside crispy on the outside delicious fried shrimp appetizers. The recipe of fried shrimp is quick and easy but the result is amazing tasting crispy shrimp with perfect texture. And you can cook this simple but perfect delicious meal just in a few minutes so you don’t waste your time. Buttermilk fried shrimp will be great for parties and celebrations or for your family dinner. Shrimp is dipped in creamy tangy buttermilk and eggs layer, then cornstarch and seasoned breadcrumbs mixture. They are simply irresistible and an ultimate once in a while splurge. Buttermilk adds a ton of flavor and help to keep the shrimp moist on the inside while boldly flavored breadcrumbs part-take in building the most scrumptious good crust on the outside.

Chinese buttermilk shrimp is perfect dish for celebration.

I was looking for shrimp recipes for a crowd for a long time. The star of this quick and easy-made dish is still however the shrimp. Make sure to use the best quality, preferably fresh shrimp. And the bigger is the better in this case. We will use recipe with buttermilk.

Buttermilk fried shrimp recipe is not the simplest one. Do not fry the shrimp in the super hot oil or the coating in the oil will get dark fast and the shrimp inside will still be raw. If using frozen shrimp pat them dry with paper towels before dipping in batter to make sure they get crispy. And remember that shrimp is a very fast cooking protein so keep a constant eye on them because nobody likes tough, rubbery shrimp.

Batter for fried chicken should be very soft.

The batter in this recipe consists of simple basic ingredients that come together to create a flavorful, rich and creamy coating for the shrimp. Garlic, flour, onion powders, seasonings and cayenne really amp up the smell and taste of the crust. Just a touch really deepens the flavors of the batter. Make sure to fry the shrimp in batches to avoid overcrowding.

Fried golden brown shrimp is everybody’s favorite best appetizer. Serve frozen shrimp appetizers hot with different dipping sauces and you will get a guaranteed crowd pleaser. But they are also wonderful choice to top vegetable salads with or put in tacos with egg, chicken or even bacon. The hardest part will be waiting for those beautiful, golden bites to make and cool down after being fried in hot oil. They are appetizing, aromatic and phenomenally tasty and will surely become everyone’s favorites. Enjoy!