Looking for a healthy, quick, easy but delicious and comforting dish for a busy week night dinner recipe? This easy homemade shrimp and rice recipe is your life saver. Don’t want to take many minutes and waste a lot of time to cook dinner? You can throw it together in a breezy 20 minute time with just a handful of basic ingredients. The result is flavorful, satisfying shrimp meal that everyone will enjoy.

We are gonna be cooking succulent shrimp in garlic butter and then adding rice, milk and cheese to the same pan. No prep required and there will be a minimal clean up afterwards since we are making the dish in the same pan or skillet from start to finish. The garlic butter really amps up the mild flavors of shrimp and rice. Milk and cheese create a wonderful melty, creamy texture that is oh so tasty. This meal is simple but very flavorful and tastes great. Kid and adult friendly.

This shrimp and rice recipe is a great way to use up the leftover shrimp cocktail you had from last weekends party. Jazz it up with some mouthwatering garlic and butter and you are ready to go.

Start by cooking rice according to the package instructions. You can use white, basmati or even a minute rice. To boost the nutritional value try brown rice that is very rich in fiber. Meanwhile sauté garlic on medium heat in butter until slightly browned and fragrant, toss in the cooked shrimp and warm through. Add cooked rice, salt, pepper, milk and parmesan cheese and cook for another couple of minutes. And your aromatic dish is ready. Can’t get easier than that. Garlic adds a ton of flavors and parmesan cheese sauce brings in a delicious savory note to the rice. Sprinkle with fresh herbs for a fun pop of color before serving.