Shrimp risotto sounds fancy and elegant and like something you would order in a fine dining restaurant, so a lot of people have a misconception that it is very hard to prepare risotto and are intimidated by the whole risotto recipe making process. Risotto is a cooking technique where rice is cooked with vegetable, seafood, chicken or beef broth until it reaches creamy consistency. Also very often, wine (for example, sauvignon or any white wine) is added to risotto. This shrimps risotto dish is really very tasty, like in a very good restaurant. Risotto does have a reputation for being fussy—and that’s not totally untrue. The dish requires a little attention and stirring, but at its core, it’s really just rice and broth. Most of risotto recipes are quite simple.

This simple made but perfect shrimp risotto recipe is a delicious concoction of rice, white wine, parmesan and chicken broth with an addiction of beautifully seared plump shrimp. It is absolutely perfect meal for the whole family dinner. The secret tutorial to the complexity of seafood flavors in the risotto is to create a fond or use homemade seafood stock. Fond is those browned bits and pieces that are left in the pan after the shrimps are seared. This risotto rezept is a perfect base for building up the flavors in sauces and broths. And since I do not have seafood stock made from scratch on hand I will be searing shrimp first and then combining the fond with juicy chicken broth, parmesan cheese and white wine together with rice.

Those simple ingredients together will create an amazing, creamy and magical dish that is worth every minute and effort spent.

And there is not much effort at all. This shrimp risotto recipe is very easy to make. No constant staring required or adding broth a spoonful at a time. The key is to make the risotto in a large pot instead of traditional Italian narrow pot. The result is the same perfectly creamy risotto with way less work! So it doesn’t take a lot of time to cook this creamy dish.

Another secret to this easy ultimate northern Italian dish is to use risotto rice variety. A high starch, low-amylose is usually used for making risotto. Such rices have the ability to absorb liquids and to release starch and so they are stickier than the long grain varieties. The most common in supermarkets is Arborio. This wonderful shrimp risotto is guaranteed to rival a fancy restaurant fare with this no-fail and foolproof recipe.