Making Indian curry dish at home sounds like an impossible task, super labor intensive, requires extensive prep, long painful hours at the stove and hard to find ingredients. Throw all of those misconceptions out of the window with this fantastic easy and quick (yes only 20 minutes) delicious shrimp curry recipe.

Made with widely available, easy to find ingredients and spices this shrimp curry recipe is spectacular. It is lite flavorful food like most of the Indian dishes but requires a fraction of the work, it is quick and takes minutes to make. This beautiful and scrumptious Indian shrimp curry dish comes together in short 20 minutes and it is all cooked in one pan. There will be no big pile of dirty dishes waiting for you to clean up afterwards, I promise.

Most of the flavors and the aromas of the shrimp curry come from the creamy coconut milk and flavorful seasonings traditionally used in Indian cuisine.

Shrimp has delicate taste and coconut milk sauce is creamy and rich and both are perfect carriers for the bold, fragrant Indian spices. One of them is turmeric. It has powerful medicinal compounds and is delicately aromatic with scents of orange and ginger. It also adds a stunning hint of orange color to the dish. Cumin has rich, nutty pungency that is a perfect compliment to the luscious coconut milk. Coriander seed is sweet and toasty with a warm aroma and flavor. There is also curry powder, paprika, onions, fresh ginger root and garlic, and just a touch of chili powder for a slight heat kick. You can also substitute for a lite coconut milk instead of full fat one for a healthier less calorie option to keep calm about your weight.

Serve this wonderful culinary delight over basmati rice with salmon for a complete, full of proteins wholesome meal. It is perfect to throw together on a busy week night, but also fancy and exotic enough to surprise your guests at the dinner party. Cooked shrimp is a wonderful light and fast cooking protein that has a lot of flavor and pleasant texture. It is a great compliment to the outstanding curry sauce.