This pretty cake is so wild and gorgeous to look at, my family always jokes that it’s like it went trick-or-treating secretly and dumped all the goodies all over itself.

The Kit Kat bars in this cake look like a little fence or a basket full of candy, but the look is deceitful, because inside you will find mouthfuls of delicious cake.

Do you want to know how to make chocolate fence for cake? It is easy as cupcake recipes.

Still, this Kit Kat Cake is probably one of the best cakes for a celebration where you have to have a cake that looks particularly eye-catching and don’t have much time or money to make one. Kit kat cakes look gorgeous!

I use a regular chocolate cake mix for the cake layers and sour cream to make it moist and smooth. How many kit kats for a kit kat cake? It depends on your cakes size. What holds the Kit Kat bars glued to the cake is my favorite chocolate cream frosting, made of cream cheese and butter. It’s stiff, gooey, delicious and provides for an excellent form for this cake.

It takes only one hour to prep, bake and assemble this cake, which is quite hard to believe judging by its fine looks. You can decorate chocolate fence cake with m&ms, fresh berries, pieces of chocolate or whatever candy goodies you can find at home. Have fun!