Here’s a grand way to cheer anyone up when the weather outside is bleary and fifty shades of gray, and I mean that literally. A burst of sunny colors and summer flavors to up your sugar level and your mood!

It is canned mandarin orange cake!

This Mandarin Orange cake is very easy to make and very hard to keep away from. Its lovely yellow color comes from the brightness of oranges and pineapples and it is a little slice of tropical summer on your plate. I love this mandarin cake recipe!

To me it’s one of the go-to extra fast and simple mandarin orange cake recipes when I need to whip out an emergency dessert. I always have a box or two of yellow cake mix in my pantry, and tangerines are my favorite kind of citrus anyway, so I usually have a few sitting on the kitchen counter.

Other than that, all the ingredients are pretty simple and you may just find them in your cupboard – vanilla pudding mix, cool whip, eggs and canned pineapples. As you can see, besides being extra fast and simple, this amazing recipe is also very low cost. Who wouldn’t love that?

Mandarin orange cake recipe is very simple.

I also use a bit of zest for the frosting and a pile of orange slices as decoration. If you want to be a little fancy, a couple mint or rosemary sprigs along the orange slices make for an extra pretty composition. Now, on to instructions!