I’m a big fan of recipes that have a form of a cake and a look or taste of a completely another thing. Donut cakes, eclair cakes, give me all. This is another one such recipe.

I love chocolate chip cookies, but sometimes you just want something… different. This wonderful chocolate chip cookie cake is your solution. Take it to a kids’ school event or a party, you are bound to be the most popular person present.

I usually bake this cake from scratch and make the frosting from scratch as well, it’s not that complicated, but yields a very fine result. You can use chocolate chips and m&ms for filling and decoration to add a bit of color to the cake, but it’s lovely nonetheless.

There are a few tips to preparing the dough which make this cake a bit more cookie-like and a little less cake-like, which I recommend you to observe. Other than that, have at it and have fun trying to stay away from it after you try the first bite. I always fail with great pleasure.