I’m pretty sure it is beloved of Homer Simpson. And I can completely share this sentiment! This simple, yet gorgeous looking cake looks like a giant donut and tastes delicious.

I love it when there’s an element of a joke in a recipe, and this donut cake delivers. That’s why kids love it so much.

Using a pretty common bundt cake recipe as a base, I add a colorful glaze and sprinkle topping over it to make it look like an actual donut.

The giant donut cake recipe is very flexible, so you can make it from scratch as well as use off-the-shelf cake mix and icing if you don’t want to spend too much time or effort. The bundt cake recipes are similar, but here are a few tips to make the cake texture fluffier and softer.

Don’t overmix. Sift your flour if you’re making it from scratch. For extra fluff and airiness, you may want to beat egg yolks and whites separately and then gently fold the whites into the batter. After the base is baked, the funnest part comes. Just go bonanza with the icing and make it look like the most delectable donut ever!