Yep, this is my go-to recipe for a birthday cake. I’ve experimented with a lot of birthday cake recipes over the years and have found that this one is liked universally. So I usually never miss when cooking it and it’s a truly rare occasion when someone at the party doesn’t like it.

This is the recipe for the base cake, and you can further decorate it anyway you want. With fruit or berries, with whipped cream or any other frosting. If you feel really creative and if you are comfortable working with mastic, you can decorate this cake with mastic, store-boughed or even self-made.

As for the filling, there are also very many options you can rely on. I really like ricotta or mascarpone-based fillings. I mix the cheese with condensed milk and add vanilla. You can use various kinds of whipped cream frosting, fruit jam or chocolate filling. It’s completely up to you! This cake base recipe is great for creating various combos.

After you bake it, it’s all about decoration and filling and this is where you can let your imagination go bonanza and create a true masterpiece, using whatever decor you can think of that will be appropriate for the occasion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!