I absolutely love Napoleon cake and order it at various restaurants whenever I see one that has it on the menu. I have always thought that because of its multi-layers sophisticated look it’s too hard to make and never even thought of making napoleon cake from scratch by recipe at home.

I was so wrong! With this napoleon cake recipe with puff pastry I feel very confident that a grand quality Napoleon cake is absolutely suitable for making at home and not having to stress over how difficult it is.

Because this napoleon torte recipe is really rather simple. One of the most important things about making this cake great is that you have to let it settle and coak up the filling so that the puff pastry levels are all soaked through. You will have to muster up some real patience, because this cake will need a day to sit in the fridge.

And here’s a tip for you to make a really smooth custard – combine and blend your ingredients at room temperature so that you avoid chunks.

I also use a bit of alcohol for the puff pastry batter, but you don’t have to. Alcohol does evaporate when the cake is cooked, keeping only the flavor.

I serve this napolean cake recipe when I really want to surprise people at my table, because this wonderful cake is not very common but it is so good that its recipe most certainly deserves to be spread far and wide, and I’ll be a very happy camper if more people know of it and use it!